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Winery Tikves - Kavadarci


Story about Tikvesh winery starts in the period when Ottoman Empire is beginning to lose its power. While the world is in time of intensive changes, in Macedonia Pane Velkov, a trader, aristocrat and landowner, is dreaming about having his own winery in Kavadarci. His dream comes true and he has built Tikvesh winery on a piece of land of 1200 square meters.


First wine with the label Tikvesh was produced. Aleksandar, son of Pano Velkov, inherits the ownership over the vineyards and the winery. Tikvesh starts cooperation with Greek producer of wine and spirits Metaxa, founded in 1887 and gets a license for production of spirits under their name.


Outburst of filoxera almost completely destroys Macedonian grape growing tradition and indigenous varieties such as Zilavka, Stanusina, Mustenik, Plovdina, Belerce, Sivjak. Grape growers from the region unite and bring in American hybrid varieties to restore the vineyards.


Aleksandar  retires from active work at the winery but remains owner, while his oldest son  Pano and youngest Stefan, take over winery management. They increase production of wine and spirits and start production of non-alcoholic drinks. Tikves becomes well known company on the Balkans, and  its products are sold in Serbia, Albania, North Greece as well as Turkey and Egypt


The state adopts a law for nationalization of private property. Instead of waiting for the state to take his winery, Aleksandar Velkov voluntarily submits the keys of the winery with one request: the new owners to employ his sons because they have the knowledge and experience in winemaking. State complied with his request and Tikvesh becomes state owned company. Later, they began to build the winery on a different location.


Agrokombinat Tikves was created with merging several smaller agricultural cooperatives and forming of a mega-company. Tikves becomes the largest winery in South-East Europe.


Wine T’ga za jug (Sorrow for south) was created in the honor of Struga poetry evenings. The star was borne.


Winery is bought by M6 group and starts with investments and upgrading of production equipment. Special attention is dedicated to the whole wine production process, from grape growing, harvest until winemaking. New and exciting events are yet to follow.


Ul.810 bb, Gazi Baba, 1000 Skopje

Ul.29 Noemvri br.5, 1430  Kavadarci

Zip Code 1000, 1430
City/town Skopje, Kavadarci
Wine region and district Tikves
Tel 02 3181 724, 043 400 988
Fax 02 3175 968, 043 415 451
E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Website www.tikves.com.mk
Tourism manager Aleksandar Ristovski
Contact tel. /  E-mail aleksandar.ristovski @ tikves.com.mk
Year of foundation 1885
Number of employees 290

Annual capacity of the winery  (in hl)

350 000
Own vineyards  (ha) 1000
Average annual production (in hl) 300 000
Storage capacity (in hl) 500 000
Annual production of bottled wine (in hl) 300 000
Production in wooden barrels (in %) and oak (in %) 20%
Certificates ISO 22000, HACCP