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Кластер за храна вино и туризам

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Кластерот за вино,храна и туризам е активен од 2006 г.

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Where the sun and feeding the grapevine, and The people putting their soul into the production of wine, there must be a time for every traveler and casual traveler.
Tikvesh wine route started out as a dream, a dream to promote the wonderful wine, food and beauty of Tikves.
I remember the first article about Tikves wine route out in the "TEA moderna", entitled
"Two women pave the wine road".
It was in 2006 y. Today, 5 years later, the path is traced, the signposts set, wine, food and people who have visited you are ready for you.
A mood is the first web page, the first guide and map Tikvesh wine route.
Let us now We brought in a new adventure, an adventure that will be drunk not only the wonderful wines, but also from the sun, traditionally delicious food, wine and songs for the soul of the inhabitants of Read as broad fields of vineyards.
To all those who supported the tracing of this time, a huge thank you.
To all those who try to remove stones from the road, just thank them, because if they were to ask us difficulties may not be so persistent.
The heart and glass of ours, Tikvesh wine, Welcome.
Tikvesh Wine route foundation has won a grant from the cluster support program at the ministry of economy. The goal of the project is expanding membership of the wine, food and tourism cluster in Tikvesh region.
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New web page

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"Where sun and soil feed each vine and men put their souls into winemaking, there must be a route for every passenger, either accidental or intended."

This is the essence of the Tikvesh Wine Route.

The Tikvesh wine route began as a dream - a dream to share the wonderful wine, food and beauty of the Tikvesh region.

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