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Activities in 2006 and 2007

  • Becomes a member of Iter Vitis – Cultural routes of Europe, 2007
  • Tikves region and the  Foundation become part of national strategies for development of: tourism, agriculture and rural development, winemaking and sustainable development
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    Activities in 2008

  • Organization of St Trifun event in Negotino, and International Forum “European wine routes” supported by the ministry of economy
  • Participation and presentation at the Forum for the Diaspora, organized by the Government of RM.
  • Participation to the Forum for tourism, presented Wine routes by Violeta Jankova.
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    Activities in 2009

  • Realization of 4 test touristic tours for the project „Region of Negotino and alternative tourism perspectives”
  • Conducted survey among the potential visitors of the wine routes
  • Public awareness campaign for the importance of wine tourism
  • Organized conference for the wine routes of South East Europe, supported by the ministries of culture, economy and the Council of Europe
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    Activities in 2010

  • Accomplished Forum “Clustering and foreign aid for increasing competitiveness of Macedonian wine, supported by the ministry of economy
  • Organization of the First winter vine pruning contest during St Trifun celebration in Kavadarci in 2010
  • Organizing of selling exhibition of food and wine at town square in Kavadarci during St Trifun celebrations 2010
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    Activities in 2011

  • Celebration of St Trifun – Days of tradition 2011 in Demir Kapija, with organization of contests in winter vine pruning, best homemade wine and brandy and best traditional food, and exhibition of traditional products and awarding certificates for outstanding contribution to development of wine routes
  • Ongoing preparation of Wine guide, map and website for Tikves wine route within the project Food, wine and tourism in joint promotion
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