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"Where sun and soil feed each vine and men put their souls into winemaking, there must be a route for every passenger, either accidental or intended."

This is the essence of the Tikvesh Wine Route.

The Tikvesh wine route began as a dream - a dream to share the wonderful wine, food and beauty of the Tikvesh region.


I remember a 2006 article that was first published in TEA Moderna, under the title: “Two women are paving the wine route”.

Today, 5 years later, the route is paved, signs are posted, and wine, food and good hearted people are ready to welcome you.   A website, a guide and map of Tikvesh wine route are also there for you.

Let us take you into this dream of a new adventure that will get you drunk, not only by beautiful wines, but by the sun, tasty traditional food, songs about wine and the soul of the people of Tikvesh, which is as wide as its fields.

To all of those who supported us in paving the route, a great “thank you”. To all who tried to remove pieces of the pavement, we are also grateful, for if it weren’t for those who presented obstacles, perhaps we would have not been so persistent in creating a warm and memorable experience that will begin with a toast:

"From the heart and with a glass of our Tikvesh wine, WELCOME !"