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Museum-Gallery Kavadarci
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Ресторанот Ексклузив се наоѓа во новиот дел на центарот на градот Кавадарци.Работи од 1980 година .Во ресторанот се приготвуваат сите врсти риба на скара како и пржена риба, морски плодови, пици , пастрмајлии традиционални македонски јадења и разновидни салати.  Специјалитет на ресторанот е пица ;; Ексклузив’’ и бифтек ;; Ексклузив’.
Капацитет на ресторанот е 150 места внатре и 50 места надвор.
Ул„ Булевар Македонија „ бб Кавадарци
Информации и резервации:
Тел:  389 43 411 561;389 70 239 259


Museum-Gallery Kavadarci

Museum-Gallery Kavadarci

Museum - Gallery Kavadarci was established by the town Council Decision in 1973. It was opened on May 7th 1976. Museum is settled in a building that once was a family house of the Serbian deputy Perovik and later nationalized and adapted for museum activity. According to some data, originally the First municipal committee was settled in the building, and later turned into kindergarten and children infirmary. Museum is located on the area of 340 m2 and yard area of 263 m2.

There are four departments operating in the Museum:

  • Historical
  • Archeological
  • Ethnological
  • Department for protection of cultural monuments


Museum owns many collections and funds from the field of archeology, ethnology, history, art history and contemporary Macedonian art.

History department has 150 history items (arms, ammunition, swords), collection of 4.000 photos and negatives, 500 slides, 1000 cashed photos, 3000 pages of documents, 2000 pages of memoirs, modes library of 400 titles and other literature.

Archeology department has over 200 artifacts of archeological material. Dates from different time period, found on the territory of Kavadarci municipality and is divided as stone plastic (architectonic elements – bases, capitels, pillars, tombstones (stela, osuarium), ceramic material (pitos, lucerns, plates, cups), numismatic material, tomb accessories and metal jewelry.

Ethnology department owns over 130 objects of wood, textile and metal.


Gallery owns 105 paintings and sculptures of distinguished Macedonian artists and authors from former Yugoslavia.

The aim of the Institute-Museum is towards:

- research and supply of museum material

- expert-museum processing

- protection of material and cultural and historical monuments

- cultural-educational activity






Str. „7-mi Septemvri “ no. 56

tel. 043/413-470